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EXISTENCE. This phenomenon has always fascinated me. I have spent a countless number of hours thinking about that the world just "Exists". We have not yet found any intelligent living beings in this vast universe. It is highly possible that we may never find any other life forms, maybe we have limits. But there's a big MAYBE there. I always think that when will we be able to get out of our solar system? Ok, coming back to the point, Existence is something really really unique phenomenon. The universe 🌌 has existed for 13.8 billion years and still going on. But what is existence?

I define it as:

Existence can be defined as the fact of the presence of things we can see, feel or have been in reality in our observable past or present with a definitive proof.
I used the word "Reality" in my definition of existence. Now, what's a reality? More or less it has the same definition as the existence itself. Now, this may conclude that Reality is Existence, that is, nothing can be real if it doesn't exist.

Now, if we speak in terms of cosmos, there are numerous objects out there in the universe and we have observed just a handful of them or not even a handful but they have helped us in understanding the nature of the universe, how it works and its mechanisms. Even the universe shows us the past which shows that there are things that have existed in the past but it doesn't mean they exist now in OUR present time. I will talk about the concept of time ⏲️ in some other post.

The vast distances or we can say Interstellar Distances prevent us from getting the real-time data of what's happening at a specific point in the universe. The light that reaches to earth from any distance in the universe is always from the past that reached us in OUR present. This data that we receive from light tells that what object was present there at the time those photons left the source which confirms the existence of the very source. 

Now let's divert our attention towards dimensions. We live in a world of mainly 3 Dimensions which are Height, Breadth, Depth. However, according to String Theory, there are 10 dimensions, how and why? We'll talk about it some other time. Let's take simple dimensions first. We live in a 3D world. For us, everything is in 3D, whether it be ourselves or the universe or anything that actually exists and which we can see. Now, the thought which struck my mind is that what IF there are beings which exist is one dimension or more dimensions than us which we can't actually observe because that is utterly foreign concept from our own existence. We would never be able to meet or see a one dimensional or a 4D,5D and so on being because in our mechanism everything is 3D. My thought is, then our notion of existence fails. Why? because in our perspective the being is non-existent but in their own perspective they exist and we don't. This gets a bit confusing because we exist and we don't at the same time, the difference lies in the perspective of the beings of different worlds.

The above thought might be either mind-boggling to you or maybe for you, it's literally rubbish. Here, for instance, take the example of gravitational waves. We recently discovered Gravitational Waves, which were proposed by Henri Poincaré in 1905 and later on again predicted by Albert Einstein, but were confirmed just recently. Also, scientists regularly encounter anomalies which do not follow our rules, that's why they are known as anomalies, but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't exist, even bizarre, they exist out there and aren't bound by our laws. In the same way, this thought of mine may hold true or it may not. It means that we have not yet understood what this universe contains in itself. Everything and anything is possible in this vast universe.

Our minds will never really understand how and why the universe works, we might understand small concepts but the real bigger thing exists out there out of our reach.

We are like an ant on a beach stranded alone looking out to the vast ocean which we will never be able to cross in our lifetimes but surely we must Try, Try and Try. If not anywhere, we will reach somewhere. We are explorers and we are all astronauts.
Until next time.

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