Life through my perspective

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I am not going to talk anything scientific or science. I will talk about life in general, about how I look at it and what it means to me to actually live.

Life has always been something about which I like to think a lot. I don't talk about my perspective but I have many thoughts on it that I have gained through various experiences in life.

We all experience something new every day. I have had many good experiences and many bad ones as well, something that is common with everybody. Whenever people experience something good in their life they tend to remember it, cherish it and think about it sometime or the other but when they go through a bad experience they tend to just forget that experience and move forward. My thought process says that we should always remember both types of experiences. Good experiences help you identify what you did right but it never tells you what you did wrong, whereas a bad experience helps you to identify the wrongs from which you can take a lesson and move forward. The combination of both of these is necessary to be a good person according to me.

All my life till now, I have always settled for less than what I have always wanted, this has been the case ever since I can remember. I have loved things more than anything in the world but still, have faced failure. I always try to be better than I was the day before, to give my best but still I fail more than I succeed. But nothing has ever stopped me from trying again and again. To me, success has never been about getting a good job or to buy an expensive car or to be rich. I have always been in search of ways to help others indirectly so that I don't have to take the credit. Taking credit of anything has always been something that I hate even if I was the only one to get the credit. 

Whenever people ask me about what's your goal in life I give the answer same as that of everybody "I want to be successful in my field". But I have never meant it. For me, my success lies in being a better person in life and I don't measure it about how much money I earned or what designation I hold. Yeah on a professional level I want to achieve something that is almost impossible to achieve, nobody has achieved it yet, but I want to and I will try to achieve it till the end even if I fail.

Failures are an important part of life. For me, a failure works as a form of motivation to move further and rectify my mistakes which lead to failure, also success motivates me to keep on doing stuff and improve to achieve a higher success. If you want to succeed in life you need to fail. That's what I have learned from the experiences that I have had till now in life.

Love and respect are another ingredients that are needed to be a better person. Respecting people whether they are rich or poor, white or black or any another category through which the world categorizes people is necessary. You respect people, you get respected automatically. Even if you don't get the fair treatment, you should treat them fair.

One example I would like to give you, a small incident, I was traveling in public transport and this random person was yelling at an old man for some reason I don't know. The old man wasn't replying and he kept quiet. The person who was yelling just got off the bus fuming at the next stop. Another guy sitting next to the old man asked him that why didn't he reply in return, the old man said what would have been the difference between me and him if I would've treated him the same way he did. At that point in time, one thing clicked my mind, whether you don't get treated like the way you should've been, but you should treat others in the best way possible. This is also a way I believe, which can make this world a better place to live. 

Life is a constant learning journey, you fail, you learn, you succeed, you learn. The learning part is important and yes introspection as well. When you introspect, you come to know about faults in yourself, and you have a chance of eradicating those faults which are within you. I have this habit of going through my life instances till the present day and thinking about how much have I improved or have I worsened, either way, I always try to improve as much as I can. Life has evolved ever since it has been on Earth, from dinosaurs to humans, everything has evolved and will keep evolving until the end. We need to do the same, keep evolving and we need to get better than we were the day before.

Cheers! 👍 😄

Please plant at least one tree 🌲 in your lifetime. Don't use plastic bags, they pollute our environment. Recycle ♻️ things instead of throwing them away.