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Project Description:

Remembering 💭 passwords can be a real mess. We create an account for some purpose on some XYZ website and forget password after some time. So to eradicate this problem of remembering these passwords and to eradicate the whole mess, I started this project and also developed it but couldn't complete it as I got involved in some other stuff. I don't have faith in storing my valuable passwords in chrome or any other password manager. This is where this idea 💡 of developing a password manager came to my mind. I will surely resume this whole project once I am done with my other ongoing stuff. Details of the app are given below :

Technologies Used :


1. Electronjs ⚛️

2. Google Firebase 🔥


1.HTML/CSS/JavaScript ❤️

2. Material Design Lite ✏️

Features Intended:

1. Account Creation ( Feature has been implemented ) ✔️

2. Password Generation ( Feature has been implemented ) ✔️

3. Password Storage ( Feature hasn't been implemented yet ) ❌

4. Login your account from within the GHASH application. ( Feature hasn't been implemented yet ) ❌



Image 1: Landing Screen

Image 2: Dashboard Area

Image 3: Password Generation


(Static website, Desktop Only, Changes intended)


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